It’s been quite a while since we’ve given you a status update, but we’re back with the news you’ve all been waiting for: the first full-scale production run of the Sansaire has begun!  We’ve got a lot to cover in this update, so stay with us…

Production has started! Your Sansaires are currently being built at our factory.   Members of our extended team are onsite to monitor quality and ensure that every machine coming off the production line meets our requirements.  Lukas is headed to our factory next week for our third inspection to oversee packing the units into the shipping containers.  We’ll send out photos and updates from the factory once Lukas has arrived.

The sample units we’ve received look great, and we’re extremely proud of how well they perform! They’re quiet, they’re powerful, they’re precise, and they’re as attractive as ever!  On top of that, because we have ETL, CE and RoHS certification, these units perform to the highest of safety standards.

As you may know, we delayed our original production run to make some tooling changes to the bottom section of the Sansaire.  In our previous design, the back cover was prone to popping off if squeezed too hard.  We’re happy to report that this problem is solved in the new design.

Sansaire v1 Boxes

We’re on-track to begin shipping by January 30th!  We’ll send out a subsequent update with details of our shipping procedure for Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers, but the short version is that we plan to bring one container to the United States, another container to the UK, and a third partial container to Hong Kong.  These three locations service all our worldwide backers. Once those containers have landed and cleared local customs, we’ll immediately begin shipping units directly to your doorstep.  For our international pre-order customers , we will update your order totals to include VAT and shipping fees.  Note that exact shipping timelines will be highly dependent on customs clearance both for the US and other countries, so we can’t yet provide a precise ETA, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’ve left the factory!

Finally, if you’ve been following the comment threads on our Kickstarter page, you may have noticed some discussion about a patent complaint filed against us.  We’re happy to report that the issue is resolved and Preston Industries will be dismissing the complaint shortly.  Thank you for your understanding as we haven’t been able to discuss the details of this situation.

We’re overjoyed to reach this stage of the process, and we are immensely grateful to each and every one of you for your patience and support!  With these key milestones now behind us, we look forward to the most joyous part of this process: delivering your Sansaires!