Ramen Eggs (1 of 1)

I was first introduced to the 63-degree egg by Cindhu, the daring and innovative chef at Sputino’s, a restaurant residing at the end of a tree lined street on the outskirts of Denver’s hip LoHi neighborhood. The egg arrived a top homemade farfalle pasta, both semolina and arugula infused, crispy and confit leeks, a Dijon creme, and finished with pecorino cheese. It was utterly brilliant. The yolk slowly oozed out of the perfectly set white when I pierced it with my fork, gently coating the bright green beneath in culinary delight.

I’ve since made the 63-degree egg on numerous occasions, sometimes basing the entire meal around the sunshine yellow yolk. I’ve served Nicoise Salad family style at dinner parties, the lettuce, roasted tomatoes and garlicky potatoes, steamed haricots, olives, and seared tuna spread elegantly over the large silver platter my mother-in-law gave me years ago. And beside the platter, a giant bowl of not-yet-peeled 63-degree eggs. Gathered around the table, guests cracking and peeling their eggs is akin to breaking bread together—a joyous and communal event. I’ve made the 63-degree egg to drop into giant bowls of ramen and to top veggie stir-fries. I mix the eggs into breakfast bowls of quinoa and kale. I plop them onto pizza. They add pizzazz to BLTs. The 63-degree egg elevates any dish it is a part of, just as infused finishing salts or fresh whipped cream make the difference between a ho-hum experience and memorable moments.

So simple to make: put the eggs in their self-contained sous vide shells into the pot of water, set the Sansaire to 63 degrees Celsius, and after 45 minutes, voila. They keep for weeks in the fridge so I always make extra to have on hand. The 63-degree egg is a culinary necessity for anyone who finds joy in the creation of art with food or simply for those who offer to friends and family the details of love and the nourishment of community.

-Sarah A., Denver CO

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