"Sous vide has really made our relief feeding much more efficient and effective."

“Sous vide has really made our relief feeding much more efficient and effective.”


Our hearts go out to all the recent victims that have been affected by this year’s devastating hurricane season. Natural disasters on this scale are overwhelming and it takes entire communities teaming together to not only get through the event, but to regroup and rebuild after the storm has passed.

One such story describing these types of communal efforts was sent to us from Mike and Liz Manning who live in the Houston area. Mike is the senior pastor at Bay Area Christian Church. Not only did their church receive major flooding damage, but many members in their community did as well. After Hurricane Harvey had passed, Liz says “we started feeding folks that (were) cleaning out houses and doing hurricane relief work.”

The Mannings were contending with feeding up to 150 people or more a day during these relief efforts. Mike and Liz happened to have a Sansaire circulator they used at home. “My husband got the great idea to start using it to feed all of these people. We bagged smoked meat, corn, baked beans, and more and heated it all sous vide and it worked beautifully,” Liz says. Awesome idea Mike!

The Sansaire team is honored that we could contribute indirectly to this community in Houston who is keeping relief efforts well fed and well underway. Our hats go off to the Mannings and all the other people like them who are uniting our communities and making the world a better place. If you would like to donate money that can help people affected by disasters both large and small, please consider donating to the American Red Cross.

In our next blog we will highlight some great recipes and insights for large meals like the Mannings have prepared. Please stay tuned.