Time to complete

30 minutes

(15 minutes hands-on)

Things you’ll need

  • Your Sansaire
  • Zip-top bag

Set Up your Sansaire

Pick a container that will be large enough to fit your food, with extra room left over for water to circulate. A large soup pot is a great choice. Place your Sansaire inside the pot, with the Sansaire’s clip on the outside to hold it steady. Add enough water to cover the minimum fill line on the Sansaire, and plug in the power cord.


Pick the Doneness You Prefer

That’s right, you get to choose how you want your fish cooked. Pick the doneness that’s most appealing to you, and we’ll show you how to dial it in. The FDA would like to remind you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Very Lightly Cooked

Not quite raw, but pretty close. This barely cooked texture is more tender and delicate than sashimi. Not advised for those who can’t eat raw seafood, or for the squeamish.

Set your Sansaire to



Lightly Cooked

Our favorite for salmon and other fatty fish. Still translucent, briny, and immaculately tender, we think it is perfection.

Set your Sansaire to




Firmer and with more body than lower temperatures. A great choice for fish tacos, or if you prefer a more traditional texture.

Set your Sansaire to



Set your Sansaire to


Seal Your Fish

Place each boneless, skinless fish fillet in a separate plastic bag. Zip-top bags, particularly those labeled as “freezer” bags, are a great choice. We recommend placing each portion in its own bag so they don’t stick together during cooking.

Now it’s time to remove the air so your fish don’t float. Hold the top of the bag open and lower the bottom into to the water bath. The pressure of the water against the bag will force most of the air out. Keep lowering until just the top of the bag is above the water, then zip the top closed.

Nicely done.


Cook for 25 Minutes. Take a Nap.

Your fish will be ready in 25 minutes. Nobody has to know that you fell asleep while cooking dinner. If you’re a multitasker, this is also a great time to make your side dishes and sauces. Or, if you really want, you’re more than welcome to stare at the fish for 25 minutes. It’s your call.


Remove & Sear

Using tongs, remove your bags of fish from the bath. Handle them gently, as they’re pretty delicate. If you enjoy a sear on the skin or flesh of your fish, the Sansaire Searing Kit is a great way to apply one. Place your fish on the searing rack, ensuring a clear working area. Light your torch and hold it 3-5” inches from your fish, moving quickly, until you’ve achieved the level of sear you prefer. The high heat of the torch flame allows you to create an outer crust fast, before the heat has time to overcook the interior of the fish.

Don't have the Searing Kit?


Season & Serve

Grab a pinch of flaky salt and some olive oil. Or, reach for your favorite seasoning. Now’s the time to get creative and/or shout “Bam!” Plate, serve and prepare to blow your own mind. Bravo!

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