The finishing touch for sous vide cooking.


“Every part of the Searing Kit is built like a rock, looks great in the kitchen, and has plenty of entertainment power to boot.”

Add some sizzle.

You've taken care to cook your meat perfectly on the inside, but it's not complete without a golden-brown crust on the outside. The ultra-high temperature of the blowtorch flame sears your food quickly, creating the delicious flavors that come from fire-roasting, but without jeopardizing the perfect doneness of sous vide cooking.

Exceptional control. Direct the heat exactly where you want it, and watch a golden crust form before your eyes.
Great for roasts. Evenly brown oddly shaped cuts like beef roast or rack of lamb.
Fast and powerful. The extra-large flame covers a wider area than other torches, making searing a snap.
It's a blast. Torch searing adds flare to your dinner parties. Guests will love the dramatic presentation!
Safe for the kitchen. Engineered for safety by Bernzomatic - a trusted name in fueled flame products since 1876.

Scientifically Speaking

Searing your sous vide dishes with the blistering flame of a 2200° F torch means the outside of your meat sears fast, so the inside isn't affected. Plus, it's fun!

A flame by any other name...

The Sansaire torch delivers a wide, roaring flame at over 2,200°F. Other kitchen torches - like your creme brulee torch - can't compete with that kind of power.

We partnered with Bernzomatic - a trusted name in fueled flame products since 1876 - to bring the Sansaire Searing Kit to life. Bernzomatic harnesses the power of fueled flame with safe, versatile and high quality products designed to redefine the limits of what you can achieve.

More than just fire in a bottle.

This kit contains everything you need to sear like the pros.

Searing rack
Thick stainless steel grate stands up to the intense heat of the flame. Handles stay cool for easy, safe maneuvering.

Drip tray
Durable enamel-coated tray protects your counter, catches drippings, and slides neatly into the grate for a stable, all-in-one base.

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