Sous vide is a cooking method that uses precise temperature control to achieve perfect results every time.

Food is placed in a plastic bag or canning jar, and then submerged in a relatively low-heat water bath until the food reaches the same temperature as the water.

Foods are cooked evenly from edge to edge, to exactly the doneness you want. And, because foods won’t overcook while they hang out in the water bath, you no longer need to stress about split-second timing.

  • Unattended cooking – you don’t need to be tethered to your stove
  • Timing – no more split-second timing to get your doneness just right
  • Perfect results – no guesswork, just edge-to-edge perfection
    Convenience – no mess, make-ahead-friendly
Is it safe to cook using plastic bags in hot water? What bags would you recommend for using with the Sansaire?

Brand name zip-top bags are perfectly safe to use in sous vide water baths. Check the bags’ ingredients statement to ensure they’re BPA-free, PVC-free and are made from polyethylene and polypropylene.

We always recommend using freezer-style bags for sous vide cooking. They’re made from thicker plastic with stronger construction. They’ll hold up to boiling temperatures, which are well beyond most sous vide cooking temperatures.

If you have a FoodSaver or other vacuum sealer, those bags are even better. For cooking times longer than 8 hours, we recommend vacuum sealing, mostly to ensure that your bags don’t float. But for everything else, name-brand zip-top bags are great!

Where can I purchase Sansaire products?

The Sansaire is available in retail locations across the world. Check out our retail locator!

What is the warranty period for Sansaire products?

The warranty for all Sansaire products is one year under normal use. To learn more, see our Warranty and Replacement policy.

My Sansaire product is experiencing issues. Where can I get troubleshooting help, and how do I receive a replacement?

Please see the product usage form under the Contact/Support page. Our customer support team will then troubleshoot the issue and help in any way possible. If the product is defective and under warranty, we will send you a replacement unit right away.

I am interested in the Searing Kit. Does searing with a blowtorch produce “torch taste?”

When used properly, the torch contributes no flavor of its own. Light the torch pointed away from your food to prevent uncombusted fuel for reaching the food surface, and keep the flame in continuous motion to avoid browning any area too deeply.

How long do Searing Kit canisters last?

Canisters last about 2 hours of continuous use, but actual canister lifetime will depend on how often you use your kit. We expect a single canister to last most customers a few months.

How do I get a replacement canister?

At this moment, we are unable to sell replacement canisters. We are actively working on a solution for customers to purchase replacement canisters through our retailers.

Why is a signature required for my Searing Kit delivery?

Couriers require a signature to deliver any consumer products that include Propane. Please reach out to for additional information regarding shipping policies.

I am interested in the Steak Aging Sauce. Do I need to marinate my steaks in Steak Aging Sauce ahead of time?

It’s not necessary to marinate your steaks in the sauce before cooking. The sous vide cooking time will be long enough for the Steak Aging Sauce to flavor your meat. You can marinate your meats ahead of time, but due to the strength of the sauce, we don’t recommend marinating for longer than 24 hours.

Can I use it like other steak sauces?

We don’t recommend using Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce the way you’d use A.1. or barbecue sauce. It’s not designed to be delicious on its own. But if you like it straight from the bottle, we won’t stop you!

Can I use Steak Aging Sauce on foods other than steak?

Yes! The sauce does its same magic on poultry and other meats, too. Try it on vegetables, or mix it in whenever you want to give your food a complex, umami boost. But be judicious – a little goes a long way!